Lead the future by scaling-up clean technologies

Innovation Matching

Novu Ventures identifies the most relevant clean technologies in some specific sectors and selects the most promising Scale-ups and SMEs to make innovation highly effective and scalable, operating also in collaboration with Match-Maker Ventures.

Novu Ventures supports the Innovation Matching activities with two services:

1 - The portfolio of Scale-ups and SMEs

The portfolio of Scale-ups and SMEs are carefully selected companies ready to create value. All the Scale-ups and SMEs have passed through a validation process, are revenues generating and have already proven their capabilities with other clients.

We follow the entire process: from defining the main reasons for the collaboration, through the technical and commercial phase, until the scaling of the activities. 
We support different kinds of collaborations that can be the typical supplier relationship, a joint innovation partnership, and a reselling opportunity.

2 - The Innovation Services

We identify, validate and set-up value-creating collaborations with relevant Start-ups or Scale-ups in some specific field of interests, based on the requested capabilities and needs.

We develop, thanks also to our partnership with Match Maker Ventures, Innovation Services that offer:

  • Tangible impact: focusing on relationships that create high business impact
  • Minimised risk: no requirement for a large upfront investment and no need to create a separate investment entity
  • Short time to impact: thanks to the interaction with already validated start-ups and to our expertise, Novu is able to generate an impact in a short time
  • End-to-end: Novu follows the activities from the initial setup phase to the scaling of the operations
  • Scalable: the solutions offered are ready to be scaled, thanks to our selecting process

Main Sectors

Education & Intrapreneurship

Novu Ventures offers customised classes or workshops on sustainability, circular economy, and entrepreneurship, the last one offered in collaboration with First Venturing, to increase the intrapreneurial culture within the organisation and to lead toward a carbon neutral society.

Novu Ventures supports in the creation and diffusion of knowledge within the organisation offering three main types of services:

1 - The classes on clean and circular technologies

We offer customised classes on the most relevant clean and circular technologies to show their uses, the main market trends, the most relevant players implementing them, and their potential impact. The classes can be a great opportunity to identify potential investments or new growth paths.

2 - The workshops

We develop customised workshops starting with a showcase of the most relevant technologies and their business applications. The workshops can be used to apply clean technologies and circular business models in a specific setting, to identify relevant opportunities, and to define the next steps for their implementation.

3 - The intrapreneurship class

The intrapreneurship classes, provided in collaboration with First Venturing, can be customised to meet the specific needs and offer a real entrepreneurial experience to the selected attendees. 
The participants will have the possibility to propose and initially develop a potential business that is leveraging clean technological solutions, from the idea definition to the validation on the market.

Venture Building

Novu Ventures supports the launch of new businesses or products that leverage clean technologies, from the idea validation to the actual launch in the market, also exploiting its network of entrepreneurs and partners.

We actively collaborate in building-up new ventures, from idea definition to the validation of the market.
In this activity, we leverage a wide network of entrepreneurs, partners, and advisors, that based on their specific experience and knowledge, can support the fine-tuning and improvement of the proposed new ventures, adding their entrepreneurial capabilities.

Disruption trends

Novu Ventures analyses the market trends in the cleantech industry and identifies the most relevant technologies that are transforming the market, the most relevant actors, and the best paths for their development.